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Cecilia's 3rd Birthday

Oma & Opa traveled out for the big celebration

They brought along a lot of new and old toys for us
Birthday girl

Birthday girl opening presents sent from loved ones

Making pancakes with Dad

Kissing Mom

Oma and Opa come over for breakfast and birthday fun
If a birthday girl helps make her own cupcakes, she most definitely gets to lick the beaters

Running (or flying) to the park
Climbing Camel's Back
Running down Camel's Back with Mom & Dad
Swinging with Oma & Opa

Finally, the cupcakes!

Our very happy 3 year old

February in Idaho

Play date with Juniper
Valentines Day & PJ day at school
Cecilia's Valentine box full of cards from her classmates
Another PJ day

We really need to find a house with a bathtub

SNOW much fun

Trevor pulling C in the Chariot on uneven ground

Bogus Basin Nordic Trails

Cecilia prepares birthday treats to share with her classmates at school

A kabob of her favorite snacks: fig bars, apricots, and raisins
(Her Montessori school has a low sugar policy so cupcakes are out)
Sharing her treats with the class

More December Memories

Heading back to Portland with the whole family on Christmas Day
One last Zoo Lights outing

One last Syracuse Street gathering

One last kiss from Josef

One last supper with Greta

....before heading down the I-84 corridor towards Boise

Return to December

We found our holiday pictures on Trevor's computer.
Here is what we were up to in December:

Minnesota Zoo visit with Papa & Nannie
Cecilia with her Papa & Nannie
Cecilia out for a sled with her Oma & Opa
Backyard exploration at Oma & Opa's
Great Grandma Mary & C watch our family's rendition of the Christmas Story
"I love Christmas"
Cecilia baking with her Grandma & Daddy
Staying warm in Grandpa's arms
Running with her Uncle and Nellie

Trevor watching Grandpa cut down a tree
Grandpa and Uncle Seth amidst the branches of said fallen tree

Coffee shop Scrabble

Cecilia with her Uncle Brandon & Great Auntie Marcia

Serving cookies to Great Grandma Pat
Hanging with Uncle Dustin
"Now that I have mittens on my hands I can touch your burly beard"

This girl is loved by so many!